Abracadabra Medical Cards

150.00 ₪מחיר

Each pack of Abracadabra Medical Cards includes:
 A total of 103 cards presenting questions on the 6 chosen subjects.
Each subject is represented by a different color:
Coping with Chronic Pain – pink – 15 questions
Coping with Chronic Disease – green – 15 questions
Coping with Anxiety – yellow – 20 questions
Coping with Depression – orange – 16 questions
Coping with Insomnia – purple – 17 questions
Lifestyle Modification – blue – 20 questions

The questions deal with examining thinking and behavior patterns,
investigating patients’ ambivalence, and the role and functioning of the
family in coping with the disease.

 A folder with psycho-instruction in every field.
 A Tips Card that explains how to use the cards in the clinic.
For a closer look at the Cards, please go to Abracadabra’s Facebook page
(Abracadabra Medical Cards).
The Cards have received excellent feedback from users, including
physicians and therapists, as well as patients.
Physicians and therapists’ experience using the Cards (regarding efficacy,
burnout, satisfaction, and in advancing the encounter) is currently being
researched in a study authorized by Clalit Health Services.
The Cards may be purchased from physicians, nurses, social workers,
physiotherapists, dieticians, life coaches, educational counselors and any
other para-medical staff.