Costumers ​Testimonials

  • ​Limor: “This is a “drug” that’s good for me. This is the tool I’ve been waiting for; it’s very exciting. The variety of possibilities that have opened up, the directions of the medical encounter, and teaching students and residents)… [the Cards] can also be [the perfect] gift for friends!!!”

It’s easy for the patient to talk through the Card.

The Cards allow the patient to talk more; they focus his attention and he
talks more.

The idea is having the patient choose the subject of conversation.

I understood I was asking fairly banal questions; the questions presented
in the Cards renewed and improved my ability to ask the patient more
advanced and sensitive questions.

The questions presented in the Cards help the patient to help himself; they
get him involved and make him take responsibility for his own health and

​The Cards are extremely approachable; the patient chooses the question.