Abracadabra Cards Workshop

Workshop Objectives

  • Presentation of the product: A tool that improves medical-therapeutic discussion by asking open questions from the world of CBT and Motivational Interviewing through the use of the abracadabra Medical Cards.


  • at the end of the workshop, the learner will experience and understand the relationships linking thinking, feelings and behavior.

  • The learner will expand his abilities to ask open questions in a therapeutic conversational letting.

  • The learner will practice using the Cards in a variety of situations.

  • The learner will practice identifying automatic thinking, cognitive distortions and their classifications.

  • The learner will practice thinking/cognitive challenge techniques to create change in the direction of realistic thinking, in order to achieve goals and promote therapy.

  • The learner will acquire psycho-educational tools by using the Cards with patients in therapy sessions.

  • The learner will acquire tools by using the Cards to examine patients’ behavior.

  • The learner will acquire tools by using the Cards to define and fulfill realistic treatment methods and goals.


  • A small group of 15-17 physicians/nurses/social workers/occupational therapists
    Self-experience (the learner practices on himself) using practical tools from the CBT/Motivational Interviewing fields/the role of the family.

  • Use the Cards to engage in constructed role play activities.

  • Short video clip– demonstrates using the Cards in everyday situations in the clinic.

Workshop duration: 3 hours
Workshop teachers: Each workshop will be led by a physician and a social worker with expertise in CBT psychotherapy.