Beneficial Medical Discourse

The purpose of the Abracadabra Medical Cards is to improve the
communication skills of physicians/therapists with their patients. The
Cards are used as a tool to help physicians/therapists and patients ask
open questions from the worlds of CBT and the Motivational
Interviewing (MI), in an attempt to strengthen the therapy and doctor-
patient relationship.

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -

has been thoroughly researched
.and found to be effective in treating a wide range of health problems
Comprehensive studies show that family physicians and other related
therapy professionals, who underwent a short course to learn treatment
strategies in the field of CBT, reported that using these elements in the
clinic increased their satisfaction with regard to the therapeutic  encounter and the way in which they relate to psycho-social aspects

In CBT therapy, the therapist/physician and the patient work together to
reduce the patient’s emotional suffering and distress. The method is based on the claim that a person’s behavior and feelings stem from his thinking patterns. Improving and normalizing these thinking patterns, along with learning and practicing new behaviors, can lead to emotional improvement and change

MI - Motivational Interviewing -

is an effective counseling method that
elicits behavioral change related to health, which investigates
ambivalence presented by the patient towards behavioral change. Studies show a rise in the use of this technique by physicians and other therapy professionals, with a medium effect size on creating a change in the patients’ behaviors. It seems that the use of this therapy alone, is not enough to initiate change.
Using the Abracadabra Medical Cards - a creative and original tool that teaches communication skills, and which combines the use of questions from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing – can advance /the therapists/physicians’ 
intervention capabilities and teach therapists short, effective intervention strategies.

The Cards have received excellent feedback from users, including
physicians and therapists, as well as patients.
Physicians and therapists’ experience using the Cards (regarding efficacy, burnout, satisfaction, and in advancing the encounter) is currently being researched in a study authorized by Clalit Health Services.
The Cards may be purchased from physicians, nurses, social workers,
physiotherapists, dieticians, life coaches, educational counselors and any other para-medical staff.

To purchase the Abracadabra Medical Cards or request a workshop, please contact:

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